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Agni jatta sanskrit for "born of fire" is a technology from Iran popularized by Ray Meeker in India, who I collaborated with in 1993, and by the Iranian architect Nader Khalili in the American south west.

A structure is built entirely of raw clay using vaults and domes to enclose a space. It is then glazed and fired from the inside as a piece of pottery would.  Ray uses the structure itself as a kiln to produce the tiles that he would use to surface the exterior.  The building is a piece of pottery.

Designed as a spiritual camping retreat for a family who loves the desert and the rock art of the native culture that once inhabited the south western desert, and who had recently returned to the USA after many years in  Hyderabad India.

The interior  is dominated by a central domed space. It is accessed by descending “into” it, reminiscent of sacred Kiva's of the southwest Pueblo indians.


The "kiva" space opens out to a courtyard is defined by a "Tulsi"  tree sacred to hindus.

Agni Jatta-  Born of Fire

Torrey Utah

Designer.  1988

PORTFOLIO - Residential